HyPro  20.11
A Toolbox for the Reachability Analysis of Hybrid Systems using Geometric Approximations

This is the documentation of HyPro, a C++ library for state set representations tailored for the analysis of hybrid automata. Information regarding the dependencies as well as installation can be found in the getting started section as well as a general information about the usage of the library.

Further information about the theoretical background of the library can be found in the section state set representations and its subpages. There we present the general interface all provided state set representations implement as well as show examples on how to use the library.

Additional features implemented in HyPro are presented in the section Features.

Information about the provided utility functions can be found in the corresponding section.

Section examples gives a short description about the available examples shipped with HyPro and their intention.


Please note that this documentation is under construction - if you have requests or further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on github:

github: https://github.com/hypro/hypro